Packaging blanks

Packaging blanks are not fully produced packages. These blanks are used for other processes in different factories (for example, for gluing packages, for gluing a plastic pocket on blister card, for moulding labels to the container wall). Packaging blanks can be printed by using offset, flexography and digital printing technology.


Packaging blanks are printed:

  • • on cardboard;
  • • on metallized cardboard;
  • • on paper;
  • • on plastic or film.


Print finishing for packaging blanks: 

  • • print finishing with different varnishes including various additives (offset, dispersive, UV, spot UV, Twin-effect, pearl, Soft touchvarnishes and  varnishes with smell, with glitter, etc.);
  • • hot foiling (gold, silver, etc.);
  • • embossing and engraving;
  • • lamination with clear and opaque film;
  • • die-cutting, scoring, perforation and hole die-cutting;
  • • numbering;
  • • gluing.


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