Books and Brochures

Soft-cover books

Soft-cover books and brochures can be glued (perfect-bound) or sewn and glued at the spine (thread sewn-glued). Sewn perfect binding is recommended for large color books or books that will see extreme conditions. Soft-cover books can be with 1 or 2 flats or without flats. Soft-cover books can be printed in small (digital printing) and big (offset printing) runs.


Popular applications are:

  • • periodicals;
  • • children books and novels;
  • • school and exercise books;
  • • vocabularies;
  • • art publications and albums;
  • • catalogues and price lists;
  • • representational books.


Additional  finishing services for soft-cover books and brochures:

  • • indexing and die-cutting (cutting to unique shapes);
  • • gluing with stickers inside;
  • • sealing brochures and the extras in a plastic bag;
  • • gluing extras in the books and brochure (envelopes, pockets, etc.).


Block measurements: 

  • • maximum format 310 x 320 mm;
  • • minimum format 110 x 135 mm;
  • • thickness from 1 to 50 mm.


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