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Stitched brochures

Saddle stitching is suitable for smaller multipage documents (up to 96 pages). Brochures are stitched with staples along the spine. These brochures can be stitched from 1 to 4 staples (2 is a standard). Staples can be with loops. Loop stitching is a method of saddle stitching then the staple is formed into a semi-circular loop. Cover can be with 1 or 2 flats or without flats. Saddle stitched brochures can be printed in small (digital printing) and big (offset printing) runs.


Popular applications are:

  • • periodical publications;
  • • children coloring books;
  • • school and exercise books;
  • • product catalogues;
  • • annual reports and manuals;
  • • programmes and booklets;
  • • promotional and informational brochures.



Additional  finishing services for stitched brochures:

  • • indexing and die-cutting (cutting to unique shapes);
  • • stitching with stickers;
  • • sealing brochures and the extras in a plastic bag;
  • • gluing extras in the brochure (envelopes, pockets, etc.).


Block measurements: 

  • • maximum format 350 x 500 mm.
  • • minimum format 80 x 120 mm.
  • • thickness up to 12 mm.


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