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Eco-friendly printing


  • • fine filtration of developer chemicals;
  • • use energy‐efficient platesetters;
  • • use energy‐efficient computers.



  •  use FSC-certified and recycling paper;
  • • reduced setup paper waste with presetting;
  • • reduced setup waste, because of standardization (ISO 12647‐2).
  • • reduced setup waste with color measurement and control – inline measurement with Prinect Axis Control;
  • • reduced energy consumption – dryers, main drive, air supply;
  • • reduced energy consumption – with water‐cooling (warm air from printing presses will we taken for office floor heating (in the future);
  • • use vegetable based inks;
  • • reduce ink waste with automatic ink supply InkStar;
  • • alcohol-free printing – with latest Speedmaster printing presses;
  • • use of high flash‐point VOC (angl. Volatile Organic Compounds) free cleaning solvents;
  • • less or none powder and ammonia emissions:
  •      • less powder: exhaust systems on all sides of the pile, filtration cabinet;
  •      • none powder: using UV colors for some applications we can at all avoid using of powder. Because of UV light, colors are fixed and dry. No powder is needed. This also helps for faster postpress.

Automatic ink supply "Ink Star"  "Prinect Axis Control" system  None powder with UV printing  Color measurement and control