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About ISO 12647-02

ISO 12647-02 is a printing quality standard.


ISO standard system benefits:   

  • • print corresponds to international ISO standard, so, in accordance with set standards of held printing machines and other equipment, there are stable and standardized printing;
  • • ISO standard is recognized internationally;
  • • if there are following set of standards in printing house, nobody can raise claims on print performance, because you said customer in advance, that print is in accordance with ISO standard, and it means, that using  ISO ICC profiles and calibrated monitor  – he at once had a chance to see forthcoming result;
  • • acting in accordance with ISO standard, you eliminate customer‘s bad print improvisations on quality issues. Poor quality is fault only himself, as provided untidy computer files;
  • • being standardized, you no longer have a bad or good print – you have ISO standard corresponding print;
  • • ISO standard is starting point for both you and customer, wherever he is.