Customer service

Quality control

The strategy of the REPRO printing company is oriented towards the continuous improvement of printing technologies and services quality. The printing house has a quality control system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2001standards. Seeking to satisfy expectations of our clients, we use modern printing and binding machines made by such brand names of the printing industry as Heidelberg, Horizon, Stahl, Polar, Gidue, etc.


Quality control in every step:

  • • carrying out the specialized control of all printing products at each stage of the production;
  • • there are electronic system for production management, quality control and work effectiveness implemented, which eliminates the possibility of faults and assures effectiveness;
  • • using only the highest quality materials and tools;
  • • trainings are organized for employees to gain higher qualification;
  • • participating in international seminars, conferences and exhibitions in order to follow the newest tendencies in the printing industry.


Colour proofs:

  • • Soft proofs are viewed on a screen, most of the time they are a low resolution version of the high resolution PDF that we then use to print. They can also be a rasterised PDF, taken from the processed (i.e. ripped) file from the prepress system. Online proofs are provided on the web or via email. Online proofs are usually for content proofing. Their colour accuracy depends very much on the quality of the screen they are viewed on and the colour management used in the workflow.
  • • Control proofs are run on a high resolution inkjet printer. The printer is calibrated to the press that the final job will be run on and produces similar colour (in a colour managed environment). Proofs are not cheap, often run imposed on a big sheet and they are in most cases the final sign off for colour and content. 
  • • Press proofs are run on the machine that will produce the final output, and often on the exact stock that will be used. For offset print jobs, this is like a test print and very expensive, plates need to be run and the machine needs to be set up. Also known as Machine proofs, test prints.